Psycho-Educational Assessment

Educationplus offers comprehensive evaluation of a student’s psycho-educational skills based on standardized norm-referenced and criteria-referenced evaluation methods, as well as informal assessments and observation. Students undergo achievement testing to evaluate all academic areas, and evaluation of cognitive abilities which provides an intelligence quotient.  Psychological and emotional evaluations are included as needed and depending on each individual situation and student profile.

    • I.Q. Intelligence Quotient

    • Visual Processing

    • Auditory Processing

    • Long Term Memory

    • Short Term Memory

    • Working Memory

    • Attention

    • Organization and Planning

    • Decoding

    • Reading Comprehension

    • Oral Expressive Language

    • Receptive Language

    • Written Expression

    • Spelling

    • Mathematical Operations

    • Mathematical Reasoning (word problems)

    • Dyslexia Testing

    • Attention Dificit/Hyperactivity Testing

    • Grapho-Motor Testing

    • Emotional Testing (if needed)

Assessments can be performed completely in English or bilingually (English and Spanish), depending on a student’s needs and background. For bilingual children, we recommend testing in both native and school languages. This allows us to make an effective comparison of the student’s skills in each language and to determine whether the problem exhibited is attributable to a learning issue or a language difficulty.


Supplimentary Evaluations

As necessary, we recommend additional evaluations such as the following:

  • Testing for audiological, visual and/or speech pathology.

  • Consultation with a psychiatrist.