Individualized Remediation and Educational Programs

Based on a student’s needs, we develop an individualized educational program designed to enhance strengths and remediate areas of weakness with the ultimate goal of helping the student become a successful learner. Remediation is multidisciplinary and multisensory, integrating school curriculum work with skills building to provide support in both academic and cognitive development. We also incorporate strategies for improving skills related to such activities as studying, completing homework and writing papers. While we typically work one-on-one with each student, when appropriate, a small group approach is used.

Study, Organization and Test-Taking Skills

Educationplus also provides students with the tools and training needed to improve study habits as well as organizational, time-management and test-taking skills. We create instructional programs tailored to student needs to encourage a systematic approach to studying. Organizational skills related to writing and composition are taught and reinforced through note-taking, outlining and research. Strategy-based instruction is designed to help improve test-taking skills and academic performance.

Areas of Individualized Study May Include:

  • Grapho-motor training

  • Oral language

  • Phonemic awareness

  • Decoding/Encoding

  • Sight word study

  • Vocabulary building

  • Spelling

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Math

  • Organizational skills

  • Study skills

  • Test-taking skills

  • Time management

  • Coaching